Flamenco Show “Chekara – So Close, so Far”

Chekara So Close So Far Flamenco 7137

The Flamenco Show under the title “So Close, so far” is intrepreted by The Flamenco-Andalusi troupe Chekara, made up of Jallal Chekara, violinist, singer and director of the ensemble and accompanied by Jose Manuel Tudela on Guitar, Rosa de Algeciras the singer (cantaora), and the dancer (bailaora) Mari Angeles Gabaldon

The show briliantly combine Flamenco and Andalusian music of Marocco know as al-ala, which originated in the courts of Seville, Granada and Cordoba during the Golden Age of Al-Andalus (9th-13th centuries), a time when muslim, Cristians and Jews coexisted in southern Spain.

Chekara So close so far - Flamenco-7031

Chekara So close so far - Flamenco-7034

Chekara So close so far - Flamenco-7058

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Chekara So close so far - Flamenco-7125

Chekara So close so far - Flamenco-7137

Chekara So close so far - Flamenco-7220

Chekara So close so far - Flamenco-7244

Chekara perform group’s second project, “Tan cerca, tan lejos” (So Close, So Far – 2014), produced with the special assistance from the famous singer Estrella Morente. This recording pays homage to the famous Flamenco figure Enrique Morente and offers a natural synthesis of various musical forms (eastern Arab, Maggreb Berber and traditional music from the Iberian Peninsula along with a later genre, flamenco, thus preserving the rich musical heritage of Christian, Moriscos and Gypsies.

The show presented by Embassy of Spain in Jakarta

Literary source from Embassy’s press release

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